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A Duri-a Unai Female.

The Unai (IPA: /uːnɑ:j/) are a humanoid species from the planet Eos in the Eos system. They are a species of diplomats and scientists, and are one of the most advanced species in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Unai share their planet with the Tuarai.


Among their technological achievements is the invention of the Augmented Reality Implants.

The hand of an Unai male.

Differences between Humans and Unai

The Unai and the Humans are almost indistinguishable. The only differences are minor things like the Human's extra finger on each hand, an extra toe on each foot and the Duri-a Unai have sturdier, almost Tuarai ears. The Unai are also slightly smaller because of Eos' lower gravity. All this suggests that the Prae Terraseeders were extremely capable of creating an exact copy of an ecosystem.

Unai origin tribes

The Unai civilization can be divided into three tribes. All Unai share the same skin color and eye color, because of millennia of inter-tribal relationships. This has blurred the lines between each tribe, so culturally these tribes are no longer considered relevant.

The Duri-a

The Duri-a, Saphah for Eternals, are by far the most common Unai. They have a small percentage of Tuarai DNA. There are billions of Duri-a.

The Barari Su-a

The Barari Su-a, Saphah for Night Birds, are the second most common Unai. There are around 14000 Barari Su-a.

The Am-a

The Am-a, Saphah for Ancients, are the oldest tribe and least common Unai. They are distinguishable because of a layer of jagged cartilage on their nasal bone. There are around 1500 Am-a.

The ear of a Duri-a Unai.

Inspired by


Stargate's Ancients


Mass Effect's Asari.