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An Immanakku Tuarai female in her early twenties.

The Tuarai (IPA: tuːɑ:rɑ:j) are a species native to the large central desert on Eos. They are a proud people with a warrior culture. The Tuarai share Eos with the Unai. In the distant past, the Tuarai were nearly driven to extinction because of internal wars and wars with the Unai. Nowadays, the planet is peacefully shared by both species.


The Tuarai are survival masters. They can go for prolonged periods without water and food. Their skin is thicker, sturdier and scalier than the skin of Unai and Humans. Tuarai males have slightly more prominent scales than Tuarai females. Tuarai are slightly taller than Humans. Their millennia-old warlike culture has made sure only the strongest survived and thus they have several redundant vital organs, such as an extra lung and a second heart.

Sar-Ditallu Taškarin II

Inspired by


Clash of the Titans' Djinn


Dune's Fremen.