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A Tether is a spacestation or a device that injects energy into an open wormhole, essentially keeping the wormhole open.


It is unknown who put the first Tethers in space. For a long time everyone assumed the Prae were the originators, but recent dating methods have proven that there are at least two Tethers that predate the Prae. The total amount of Tethers is unknown. This is because there are systems with defense mechanisms on or near the Tether, making it impossible to enter those systems and follow the route.

How it works

When a wormhole opens, it stays open for a very short time. If enough energy is sent into the wormhole during that time, it will stay open and can even be enlarged by injecting a greater amount of energy. When a wormhole is detected, two Tether ships fitted with QV-ZES Powersources are dispatched; one goes to the other side and one stays. These ships then inject energy into the wormhole from both sides, so that the permanent Tethers can be constructed. This process usually takes several months. New Tethers are rarely constructed, because most wormholes don't stay open long enough.


There are six types of Tethers:

Type Description Notes
Type 1 Ground-based Intraplanetary Tethers None found/made so far.
Type 2 Ground-based Interplanetary Tethers The main mode of exploration for the Altus.
Type 3 Space-borne Intrastellar Tethers None found/made so far.
Type 4 Space-borne Interstellar Tethers A lot of systems have one or two, some systems have more than two.
Type 5 Space-borne Intergalactic Tethers One derelict found, built by the Prae.
Type X Small Space-borne/Ground-based ExoNet Tethers Most common type of Tether.