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A Netali Female.

The Netali (IPA: /neɪtɑːliː/) are a humanoid species from the planet Arali in the Mul Apin System. Because Arali has Dinosauriformes as well as modern Mammaliaformes, it is likely that the Prae's Terraseeder got damaged. The Netali's culture is warlike, but this is because of the constant threat from Dinosauriformes, there were never any internal wars between Netali Tribes. They were uplifted by the Unai for this reason.


The Netali are on average 30cm (1ft) taller than humans, and they are more muscular. This is a result of the size of their planet, the higher O2 content of their air and the constant threat of Dinosauriformes. They developed dark blue or black sclera with black or brown irises. The reason for this is their solitary nature early on in their development.

Inspired by


Mass Effect's Krogan.


Cross between Maori warriors and Avatar's Na'vi


Alien's/Prometheus' Engineers